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Frodo's Ghost | You can’t Piif a Punch
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You can’t Piif a Punch

And then, an argument broke out.

Well, what was going on was an elder brother annoying a younger sister. The elder was throwing stuff at the younger;

“Don’t ‘piif’ stuff at me, Byron!” She would yell, several times and of varying pitches.

“Stop ‘piif’ing stuff at me Byron.”

So he stopped throwing physical objects, and started air punching close to her face. And he sacastically asked “Can I ‘piif’ this?”, still getting the punches as close to her face as possible.

“You can’t ‘piif’ a punch!”

That was where I interjected, echoing my sisters statement. Byron walked into my room, telling me that it wasn’t a real word.

It isn’t really a word. If I was to search the Oxford Dictionary, or I would find no results at all. Instead it is slang – and I would say native to Australia. I would say that because we always have stupid words in our vocabulary that could only come from Australia.

The word ‘piif’(incorrect spelling, I just liked the look of it when I spelt it wrong), or ‘piff’ is to throw an object at high velocity, ie a ball at someones body.

To use the word in a sentence, ‘I was walking away and you piifed the ball at my leg.’
It is not really a word, and I am completly unsure from whence it came, but it has defiantly hung around. Through many games of brandy, or sibling fights and will remain around in the Australian vocabulary for many many years.

The discussion went on because Byron was positive that it wasn’t a real word, because it’s usage in “You can’t ‘piif’ a punch” showed it up. Which is true, it is not a real word, but it exists as slang in relation to throwing an object. ‘Piif’ is a verb. Punch is a noun and a verb.

And just so you know, you can ‘piif’ a punch, but if you say it you sound like a moron.

I was doing some research, and it seems that brandy is an Australian game, I thought it would be more global. I wonder what people from other countries play during lunch time at school?

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