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Frodo's Ghost | Wednesday 29th August
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Wednesday 29th August

Training Ride.

Time Left: 10:15am
Time Return: 12.00pm
Total Time: 1Hr 45mins

Total Distance: 41.1km

On Computer
Max Speed: 61.2km/h – Set today
Odometer: 64.9km

I was out for a longer ride today. After doing the shorter track yesterday, I figured a longer, more sustained ride would help me get more of a feel for the bike. And that it did.

Firstly I am very glad that I was able to get a pair of shorts. Even without the carbon seat post, I still pull up alright after the longest ride I have done so far. That being said I can understand why carbon in the post is a good idea.

The hill on Murodoch road is easier on a road bike. I noticed that hills were easier yesterday, but today it was more evident, kepping a higher speed on the hills than on a mountain bike that was too small.

Have to work on riding in wind, especially after already doing 20kms, I noticed a large drop in speed.

Overall – Need more work on distance. And wind. And hills. But happy to have 40+kms done today. Here’s to more.

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