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Frodo's Ghost | Underoath – The Billboard, 11th June 2007
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Underoath – The Billboard, 11th June 2007

Two shows in four days. This was the show I was most looking forward to. Having never seen these guys before I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I started listening to Underoath after one day I was in Geelong (C&C Records) and I saw the cover for They’re Only Chasing Safety – I think it was the Tooth and Nail logo and hearing them in connection with Normajean that I picked it up. And then it sat on my shelf for months and months. One day, after getting through my record collection and being bored, I grabbed the cd, and then couldn’t stop listening to it for over a week (that is 5 days, 8 hours a day…)

I grabbed Define The Great Line from iTunes before it was released in Australia, and listened to that non-stop as well. This of course means that I am unfamiliar with the back log of CD’s, and have only heard Dallas do vocals with Maylene – this is all unconnected with the actual live show…

So a band opened (if I could be bothered I would look them up, but I won’t yet). And Emery followed.

Josh decided to go and get into the ‘pit’ so as to get a good view, and jump around a little. I followed because I thought I’d like to get up close to the show, I didn’t want to jump. But as soon as Underoath started the ‘pit’ became very very crowded, it was if a bulldozer pushed everyone into the front barracade. And then the crowd surfing started – from behind.

Dudes jumping out of no-where, crushing everyones necks while they got a ride to the front of the stage. But the third dude falling on me I was completely over anyone surfing, I started thinking of ways to get back at these guys who thought it would be fun to ruin a great set…

While the crowd-surfing had the potential to ruin the show, it didn’t change my opinion of Underoath and the way the played everyone one of their songs. It was a brilliant set from start to finish.

Spencer, even though it was their second show for the day, was right on with his vocals. And everyone was so tight it was amazing. Opening with ‘In Regards To Myself’ was a great start, and they cruised through songs with ease and they themselves seemed to enjoy playing them.

Stand out song for the evening for me would have been ‘To Whom It May Concern’. Brilliant.

A great show. A brilliant band, and I am so glad that I was able go and see them perform live.

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