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Frodo's Ghost | Thursday 6th September
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Thursday 6th September

Training Ride

Time Left: 11:05am
Time Return: 2.05pm
Total Time: 3Hr

Total Distance: 70.7km

On Computer
Max Speed: 59.8km/h
Odometer: 209.5km

Today’s ride was a start to finding out where I could hit a wall. I realise it seems like a large break, but I did get out a little on Monday, but didn’t leave a training slog here – figured it wasn’t worth reporting. But today was early up this morning, but I didn’t get on on the bike until after 11.00am – not too bad I guess.

“At 30km/h there is mostly always wind blowing in your direction.”

It was a hike today. The first 40km were fine, execpt for the while it takes to get used to the saddle, and after about 40 there was a wall. Not heaps but taking it down a few gears for a little bit helped to adjust that. It was nice after increasing the gears higher again.

There was another wall – and I guess this one was more mental than physical. I rode 49.8km in 2 hours – which I thought was alright, and when I realised that it was indeed going to be my longest ride (which made me happy) I started to ease off a little, daunted by the fact that I had to ride home from Ocean Grove into the wind. And so the last 10km were the hardest of them all, mostly of me wondering why I would even bother riding again.

I am home now. Had some food. Feeling better. But it wasn’t an easy ride towards the end. It was enjoyable though.

  • From Drysdale all the way into East Geelong.
  • Through streets in East Geelong and end up near DiGrandi, where I turned left and went over the bridge.
  • Up Belmont hill and down to Warne Ponds.Through Grovedale and past our old house in Hayers Road.
  • Onto the main highway and past the Marshall train station.
  • Up the highway to Barwon Heads, taking the heavy trucks road to Black Rock (poo processing plant).
  • Down 13th Beach road to Barwon Heads.
  • Through to Ocean Grove and back to Drysdale.
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