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Frodo's Ghost | Thursday 4th October
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Thursday 4th October

Training Ride

Time Left: 7.10am
Time Return: 9.40am
Total Time: 2hours 30minutes

Total Distance: 50.4km
Max Speed: 56.9km/h

On Computer
Odometer: 880.6km

Today started out as me intending on doing the group ride. But I realised that when I got to Ocean Grove I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. So Down some hills and around Ocean Grove before heading over to Barwon Heads and the back down Thirteenth Beach Road.

It was difficult, as the wind was still very present. One day soon I think it’ll be the heat that is bad, and not the wind – but right now strong winds, and riding into them aren’t my favourite thing. Especially after yesterday…

My legs are stuffed – like all the lactic acid isn’t drained from them properly. I think that my have something to do with riding every day this week…

And I need to work on my climbing. I think it is okay when I find a rhythm – and the highest gear possible – but the transition needs work. Maybe next week.

This week Jacqui brought the boys over to Barwon Heads, and we played on the park. It also means that I got to drive home. I did like that today.

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