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Frodo's Ghost | Thursday 27th September
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Thursday 27th September

Training Ride

Time Left: 10.00am
Time Return: 12.55am
Total Time: 2hours 55minutes

Total Distance: 69.3km
Max Speed: 70.4km/h -> New highest…

On Computer
Odometer: 691.4km

I think today reminded me why I enjoy cycling so much…

Today I chose not to do the group ride. A little sleep in after Auntie Viv’s birthday and help get the boys ready and then go for a solo ride. I had missed the idea of getting on a bike and heading somewhere – especially away from the same circuit we do to Torquay, and I think that is more because of the 17km ride home into the wind, not the actualy riding itself.

So today was hills. And since there is no great ones here I rode through Geelong to Barabool Hills (I don’t know if that is the region, but that’s where the church is, of the same name).

Down over the single lane bridge and up the other side. Up Mt Pleasant Road to the Belmont hill, through to Grovedale, and up the hill there. Back past Blood Toyota, and up the Queenscliff Highway until Leopold Primary school. Up Leopold hill the way we used to go on the bus, and back to Drysdale.

I felt good all the way. That is to say I think the old 40km wall has moved to around 55-60km – that is encouraging – but it is easier to keep going afterward. I am feeling good now too, which is nice. I think those long group rides are paying off.

And a big thanks to Mr. Trevorow – from the group rides on Tuesdays – he strongly suggested I get some toe clips while waiting for proper shoes, and they worked awesome.

Oh, and I was swooped by two Magpies, the first returning through Leopold got me good, was a solid knock, I thought it was a ball of some kind. The second was a wimp.

And I did put my shoulder into a guys caravan while he was pulling away from the lights in Belmont. But that was for balance…

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