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Frodo's Ghost | Thursday 20th September
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Thursday 20th September

Group Ride

Time Left: 7.10am
Time Return: 11.10pm
Total Time: 4Hr

Total Distance: 85.5km
Max Speed: 48.5km/h

On Computer
Odometer: 487.3km

Yes another group ride. And it was as good, although I took the risk today and assimilated into the group, which if you have done group riding before the right side is getting closer to the front, and the left side is heading backwards. So I had a turn on the front a few times today – and it is noticeably harder.

Especially with the wind. Which was evident today.

One thing I will say is that everyone is nice to chat to, and a great crew to ride with. Especally with an amateur like me. Today I was asked if I had a spare tube, or tyre leavers or some-such – which as I found out by the reaction are an absolute necessity – and upon saying no the fellow asking me brought a tube from another fellow (for 1.20) just for me. That was really nice.

It makes me realise how far I have to go. Being that I am just starting out, and need to get some more gear to know that when I go out on a ride, that I can make it home. And that is why I am upgrading the bike in steps.

Anyway. The ride was good. Another trip to Torquay, to see the marvellous coast. Actually as one of the woman said today “You go out and ride through all this marvellous scenery, and all you see if the guys wheel in front of you.” That statement is true, but it is much safer that group riding and watching the scenery instead of the person in front…

My butt is sore from the new seat, but I did find that after a while I could find a good place to sit and it would be right for a few kilometers. So I didn’t need to complain as much as I am now sitting on a flat chair…

I am very much enjoying the group rides.

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