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Frodo's Ghost | The Unexplained Absence
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The Unexplained Absence

Yes, I have been absent, although it has not been a normal one. I was sharing a webserver with a good friend who was in working in Vanuatu with me. We decided to split the server, sharing the hosting costs and the sace available. It was working out well, and in the middle of an upgrade something happened – I won’t say what it is, but I still don’t understand it. Now I have stuck with php4, and got things up and working again. Not the greatest solution, but it works okay.

Since the last entry I have started a small business with a friend in Drysdale. Cannonball Creative is a graphic and web design studio that is based in Geelong.

I have been doing a little work with ReBusiness as well. It has not really been work, just getting stuck on a relational database stuff. Learning is fun.

I sent a lengthy document through to my brother in Sydney that was talking about a new idea and approach to comics. He was eager to help out, so we are going to start developing that sometime soon. It was great to be able to write down some of the ideas with the comic and get someone else thinking about it. The backend database will be extensive, so it is a good thing that we shall do it like this – Roger with the smarts and me with the… ah, help.

I have gotten back into listening to Old Time Radio, which I got from Man they are good. Bombier has been laughing at me because they sound corny, but he just doesn’t understand – that’s what I tell myself anyway.

Just closing some tabs:
New Blindside – We heard one new song live in Melbourne. Man it was great. Cannot wait to get this.

See What Google Sees – hmmmm. intresting read. And of same subject matter: Google’s Webmaster Guides.

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