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Frodo's Ghost | The First Journal – Writing and Waiting.
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The First Journal – Writing and Waiting.

In the spirit of posting everything the first day the site is up and running, I shall wait and start entering diary posts for a few days.

But in saying that, I will say that I am listening to Mute Math in a cold room. Also, I accepted a challenge from my brother, even though he doesn’t know it as a challenge… I should start work on that, and get it up. He wrote out some dot points for a story that Pierce didn’t want to take up, So I’m gonna give it a blast…
Today, I finished the initial design of the site, and after much CSS work with Word Press it is up, in its current form. Even though I am not on my laptop, I am gaining access to the back end plesk and updating to make any changes necessary, it is not uber-important stuff, but tweaks that need to be made.

The site will take a little bit while I get the posts up and running properly, that means that I get some of the posts to disappear from the front of the page, that should be rather quick if I continue posting. I know a lot of these may seem like short term fixes (ie.the Recent tracks in a post), they should be fine until I get to place in some cool stuff at a later stage, should be rather easy to do, but just not right now.

Nathanael started kinder the other day, he says that it is fun, which is unreal. I love the fact that he is enjoying the interaction with other kids, especially after the rough start to the year. Although I only just found out that generally kids start the year they are turning five, or already are. But ever since ‘eN’ was little he has been a brain, add that with his great memory, living overseas and two younger brothers and he’ll be fine.

Zeke and Levi are coping okay not having their older brother around. Which is cool too, although Nathanael is more friendly with them after he returns from kinder. Unless he is tired.

It is cold. I haven’t felt cold like this in over a year. It is pretty nice, as I always say that I prefer the cold to the heat – that shall be tested this year, as we move day by day in winter.

Well, so much for not writing a post right now. May as well get it over and done with.

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