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Frodo's Ghost | The 48 Hour Startup: Day Two
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The 48 Hour Startup: Day Two

Last time while taking a break – like I needed one of those – I thought that a name change was in order. This whole thing, I am calling The 24 Hour Startup. Changing the name of the challenge seems like a nice iteration to make, take small steps and make changes when you know they are necessary – the startup way. I will go back and update the other titles, and tags, to match.

Onward with today.

I have a long way to go today. Many things I wanted to finish yesterday, and what I had planned for today. There is some research about API’s and interaction with front-end frameworks that I need to do, as well.

Time: 07:56

Time to get going. Long way to the end.

Time 08:33

I realised that I can leave the views with the Sensio Generator Bundle views, instead of updating them to use Bootstrap just now. I’ll move onto another feature and come back to the views. If I am the only one using the back-end at this early stage, then the look doesn’t matter so much.

Time 08:53

Looking at API setups, request authentication tokens vs URL strings. Previously I have used the Amazon Style of authentication and authorisation (I have a few bundles that I have written for previous projects) and I like using that way. The other option is to setup oAuth, which would also be good.

At this stage there is no content going back into the site – I am not sure about doing that with the system just yet – so I am looking at ensuring that the user’s application is authorised to display the content externally. Use as GET string, or include in the header with an Authorization: Bearer style token?

Time: 10:34

Feeling like making progress. Some small changes to the layout, getting into the API interaction and how I want to handle the Application, storage, tracking of the calls through the API.

Time: 12:00

Still in the backend, it is moments like these I am glad for tools like Bootstrap – makes things so much faster to get started. I am trying to figure out logic for client interaction, but realise that I will have to redo all of this. Creating new objects with forms is great, but I initially visualised using AngularJS for these interactions. Adding validation and basic CRUD is fairly easy with Symfony, just trying to watch that I am not optimising too much.

Time: 14:25

Dang. Spent way too long trying to figure out an easy problem. Configuration was setup for a Repository extension class, so I can inject the Security Token, for containing User joining to the item being found with the query. Forgot to include the RepositoryClass in the annotations.

Time 18:08

Not sure how things are going at the moment. Been trying to keep forward motion, but getting caught in some smaller items on look-and-feel. Should get stuck there. Almost at the part for building the API. Must remember that my aim to to have the the new service post “something” at my Antelope Studios website. Keep moving forward, I can tweak and move and play more tomorrow.

Time 21:25

The home stretch? Don’t know. I have been working rather hard today, cordoned off in my little desk, the sun was shining and the boys decided to sled on the ice.

I am up to the API, and should soon be onto deploying something onto the server, so I can start working with my other website. Time is ticking.

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