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Frodo's Ghost | The 48 Hour Application
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The 48 Hour Application

Reflecting on my history of development, the tools I have used, and the results I have gotten, it is time for me to try something a little different. Usually I think of an idea, and then wait until I can plan it out, and take steps through the process. While walking today I started thinking about the 24 Hour Comics, and maybe that would be a good way to develop something with an end goal in mind.

Plan. Scope. Write. Approve. Develop.

My usual process involves a lot of steps. I like to be pragmatic with development, thinking about the steps involved, planning tools, and working on the product from enough time to consider bottlenecks and issues that could arise. Thinking clearly helps building a concise product. When building for a client this is a great way of working, but lately I have been working on smaller projects for myself, and I keep coming up with ideas that never take a step forward.

I need to break out of what I am doing. I need to get motivated to build something that will be immediately useful. A small project, with a small goal in mind. Why not, like the 24 hour comics, give it a limited time frame.

Tighten the Boostraps

This is a task I am setting myself to measure what classes as a Minimal Viable Product. Not get tied up in the implementation, scaling issues that are sure to entertain my mind. But to build something, ship a version of it, that I can use, in 48 hours.

Noble? Not really. It is not meant to be inspiration. This challenge has no greater purpose, other than to time-limit myself and get something done. I am waiting for my business partner to complete some work on another of our projects, so why not use the time to build something new?

I think one of my ideas can fit the purpose of this challenge, and I’d rather see it started than thinking about for a few weeks while doing nothing with it.

Rules of the Game

As the 24 Hour Comic has rules that artists should abide by, I will also set some rules for the 48 Hour Application.

  1. From the time you commit anything to paper, or text editor, it starts the 48 hours
  2. Any breaks are counted as part of the 48 hours
  3. Only one person my be involved in the creation of The Idea
  4. Any language can be used. Any framework can be chosen.
  5. Plans can be thought of before beginning, but nothing on paper – you may buy a domain name if needed.
  6. The end product should be functional, and demonstrable on the internet.

Rules set. Noted. Agreed. From tomorrow morning I will begin working on my idea. I will keep a log of the things I am doing, and hopefully after a few days I will be able to write up how things went.

(title image taken by Steven Hille)

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