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Frodo's Ghost | Social Media and Short Attention… What was that again?
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Social Media and Short Attention… What was that again?

Upon reading this post again, it seems at the time I was thinking of questions with no real answers. So, what do you think?

The internet is becoming a place where those with small brains hang out. We are moving from complex interactions and into simple ones. Everything has to be short and quick and memorable.

Domains made for remembering and not really complicated, after all, who would want their users to have to think, or remember anything? People are moving to services, instead of hosting it themselves (tumblr comes to mind) who would want to have all that hassle of hosting their own website.

Applications are becoming easier to use. Interfaces are becoming stripped down and ‘user friendly’. I know, I must be going crazy to speak of this, who doesn’t like simple websites? No one has to think. Or focus.

Click. Youtube video. Click. Funny Comics. Click. Photoset. Click. New Phone.

I am getting grumpy, that much is obvious. But it just makes me think of Ian Malcolm’s speech in Jurassic Park:

The problem with scientific power you’ve used is it didn’t require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn’t earn the knowledge yourselves, so you don’t take the responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you knew what you had, you patented it, packages it, slapped in on a plastic lunch box, and now you want to sell it. script

Here we are asking our kids to dedicate early life to school. To understand the world. To understand complex situations and interactions. While technology is getting simpler and interacting digitally is getting easier – the hardest lesson to learn is that digital does not translate well to real life.

Its like we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and use their hard work for our gain – without fully understanding the powers behind it. We get onto the internet with nativity and assume everyone is on our side because there website is easy and simple to use. Fun and funky companies get our emails, passwords and more.

Personal information is transported by clicking buttons with no fore-thought for its future use or meaning in our lives (the past is past, right?). How about using large sites to store data on, in a world that data is becoming most precious (as everything is heading towards digital in one way or the other). Or keeping large websites or companies to keep all your important data.

So with the internet getting more simple. Large sites, companies and corporations bringing people to be more full involved with their products. And increasing amount of people trusting and using these sites for amazing amounts of personal information – and not just personal information, but important and business information.

Are we just to trust that our data is protected? Are our short attention spans, and want of quick information or connections really helping us or hurting us?

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