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Frodo's Ghost | Saturday 1st Septemper
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Saturday 1st Septemper

Training Ride.

Time Left: 07:15am
Time Return: 9.40pm
Total Time: 2Hr 25mins

Total Distance: 58.1km

On Computer
Max Speed: 59.1km/h
Odometer: 123.0km

A rather early morning ride, I think I shall do more of these as they are a good way to start the day. But I’ll have to see how it will work with my work time table, and late nights and stuff.

Increase of distance today, and it wasn’t until after the 45km mark that I started to feel a little tired. Still able to keep riding though, so it was all good. The wind yesterday made me reconsider yesterdays brief ride, but the weather today was wonderful – not much wind (even though it seems like it comes from every diretion at 30km/h) and after a chilly morning, the warmed up beautifully.

Saw plenty of guys out riding this morning, but decided to stay away, and not join in on the packs. I think sometime this week I may journey into Geelong for a group ride, and the learn how to ride in larger groups.

Still need to keep up a steady pace, and ride longer distances, but I was happy to be out on the road.

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