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Frodo's Ghost | Road Trip 2007 (without me)
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Road Trip 2007 (without me)

If you had of told me on Sunday that by Tuesday I would be home with just the boys at the Welsh’s house, I would have raised an eyebrow, but now it is so, I will just smile…

Jacqui, Aunty Viv and the boys took a long drive up towards Queensland. With an over night stop in Sydney at “Woge and Fee’s” little, tiny flat. Then it is all the up to More Nan’s and More Pa’s for a few weeks, while Aunty Margo, Jesse and Christina are over from Canada.

The boys seemed very excited leaving at 5.30 this morning, thinking of what would be going on and all the fun stuff to do while they are away. In particular was toys at Roger’s house, I don’t know if ‘Uncle Woge’ has any toys out at the moment…

There has been talks of nothing but steak, bacon and eggs for food – considering it is myself, Eric and Josh in the house for two weeks – I would find that food intresting, and would feel lucky because I am sleeping outside in the cabin.

There is some work on the cards at the moment, which is grand. Most of it is still in development while building it, but it is work none-the-less. A client from Western Australia has us building a static intranet, and it is coming along nicely at this stage.

There has been a little bit of development on a project with AB, and I am looking forward to playing with that in future weeks.

Any way, an hour and I head home to a very quiet house. I wonder what that will be like…

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