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Frodo's Ghost | Reformation of an Industry: Part 2
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Reformation of an Industry: Part 2

The previous article I wrote I finished to get something up by my pre-determined deadline. I had not finished the article, so I severed it and left it for the following week to continue my thoughts and hopefully to answer some questions.

Obvious Hurdles

Really what is in place with the movie industry, the television industry and the CD industry is that money is a screening device. Money makes sure the best are hired, money makes sure the advertising is to the right crowd, it makes sure that everything is solid. Acting schools produce actors who know what to do. Record labels hire bands who can last (hopefully) longer than one CD, and still be entertaining.

Oh my there are exceptions. Alien Ant Farm. Xena. These are varied and wide, and show that money also controls the choices of the producion of the media. The internet has shown this to be a large stain on the industries themselves, because for the first time the money wasn’t a filter.

In the past the industries had control of the media they distributed. They controlled how people got into their industry, how they stayed a star/or not. They controlled the distribution of their media. Everything was sheparded through by people who had or wanted to make the money.

Now they spend huge amounts of cash to protect these old ways. Instead of rolling with the punches they decide to fight people off with wads of cash. They are definatly loosing the battle, and instead there much more of a social following for bands or movies on the internet.

Sure good music still ends up on labels, but that filter doesn’t exist anymore. And with money not being a factor in putting music, screenplays or media into the world, we have found a new outlet for our crazy visions and ideas to see their five minutes of fame. And now the world has caught up and is prepared to waste hours on the internet like geeks have been doing for years.

Established Ramblings

So I have been writing here for a long time now. What am I really driving at? I think I am trying to hit a three areas.

  1. There are no bounds in releasing our media.
  2. Removing the bounds means we can increase our targets, and find a broader audience.
  3. Money can be made through non-traditional means.

There seems to be three topics I have been building towards, but never actually hitting upon. These three areas I see as new horizons. And while many people have explored these areas before I reckon its about time to start making money from these areas, and truly releasing our ideas into the world. To go beyond blogs and twits and to take media into the new era of the internet.

It is already happening:

  • Attack of the Show – “Videos, gadgets, comic and movies”
  • Rocketboom – “daily international news program”
  • Demonoid – A torrent site that releases bands music. Members can release their music for free and get a newspost about it. I know I have grabbed the free music, even if I haven’t listened to it once downloaded. Current album is Hello Madness.

We can also look at the amazing amount of internet start-ups that are popping up everywhere. I am currently involved in three (that spring to mind). It is a huge market, with so many potential players and with the financial climate like it is, many people would be willing to take a chance and get onto the next big thing.


So I keep rereading what I have written, hence the lateness of this post. While I am sure the post is relevant, I am not sure about the originality of my content. Really this has been done before, I think what I am coming to the realisation of is that it takes someone with a passion and commitment to an idea to see it to the end. No longer do ideas need to be limited by our minds thinking about money to see it through.

I guess what I need is action on some ideas in my head.

And that is the conclusion. It makes no sence in words. Maybe I’ll finsih this post off another time – A title that doesn’t show what the article is about. Content that switches between one to another, without making a point about anything. Maybe it could be best described as what it is like to live inside my mind?

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