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The 48 Hour Application: Day One

Time 08:40Trying to decide what type of storage engine to use. I thought I was going to use what I know, and what is easy to deploy onto my servers - MySQL. Considering I have been using this because I have a few bundles that...

Small Timed Clock

The 48 Hour Application: The Start

Today I start the 48 Hour Application. A project idea, and a time-limited application.You may wonder why I am tightening the deadlines, rather than extending them. Tight deadlines can mean a mismanaged project. Tight deadlines could mean that somewhere along the line either a task...

The 48 Hour Application

Reflecting on my history of development, the tools I have used, and the results I have gotten, it is time for me to try something a little different. Usually I think of an idea, and then wait until I can plan it out, and take...

Using Twig and AngularJS in the Same Template

Using Twig and Angular together causes problems with the rendering of variables. The variable definitions are the same in both languages, using a pair of curly braces {{ }} to define the variables to render.When defining a variable with Angular, Twig will try and render...