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Frodo's Ghost | Of Kites and Coding.
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Of Kites and Coding.

Usually our Good Friday will consist of us heading out for a fish and chip lunch at a large park in town with all of my Dad’s family. This year it is a little different as we are going to be missing a huge contingency of Dad’s family – namely everyone except us. So, this year my marvellous wife had said something about making a kite. Ma wanted to buy material, so I did some googling.

Most of the above sites have plans and some images showing them in action. The Geert Donkey Duyvis site has some especially complex kites that would look unreal in the air.

I have been doing some work for ReBusiness, some CSS work for a website he had needed doing. Was cool, but as usual there were some hacks needed for the IE thing. With what I had done in the past I figured that it would an easy fix, but the hack I used to use has been depreciated in IE.

In IE7 there was a four pixel gap below some img tags, of course this could be left to be. So I went straight into the css file for my normal update.

html>body #header {}

It didn’t work. It has been depreciated. So I had to implement the suggested hack, which worked just fine. But, it wasn’t in the external css, which makes me feel left out of the loop – but it works now, so that is good.

So now I shall leave you with some links for css stuff. More so that I can remember where they are, but you can grab them too.


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