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Frodo's Ghost | My Intentions to Ride…
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My Intentions to Ride…

I have been stuck behind a computer for many days now. Looking out the window with a kind of longing… Not really to get riding, but to see how I would go in this weather.

See, I started riding when the weather was starting to look up, nice skies and such. It was just changing into the soft summer we had – all except the last month of wierd weather (by wierd I mean hot, in late March).

In one week we have gone from high 30 degree days to sixteen and cloudy overcast weather. It has not been good for much – except that we got some rain.

Though the weather has been like this, it has still been calling my name. The road has been calling my name, like a broken record, like a chipped tooth with a dull ache. Everyday I wake up early, and already I am thinking about riding – just time management gets the better of me.

I don’t think it is an illness… Others are starting to suspect something is up. I’ll let you know how I go when I get out there, tomorrow is starting to look like a good oppertunity.

I just realised that I can post stuff like this – youknow, good intentions and such – because I have a blog. Thanks be to the internet for providing oppertunities like this, to just ramble…

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