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Frodo's Ghost | Monday 8th October
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Monday 8th October

Training Ride

Time Left: 8.55am
Time Return: 11.10am
Total Time: 2hours 15minutes

Total Distance: 57.1km
Max Speed: 62km/h

On Computer
Odometer: 937.7km

It was a beautiful day this morning, and it made it easier to get out on a ride. Especially since I didn’t really feel like one, it was great to get out.

Through Portarlington, around to Indented Head and St Leonards. Then back down through Marcus Hill. I decent ride, didn’t like riding into the wind much, and so the ride from near Queenscliff through Marcus Hill was taken in a high gear, and a low pace.

The hills felt great, even though I think the major problem holding me back in that respect is my weight. Loose kilograms, and the hills will become my favourite part of the ride. Well, they are now, but I shall be able to ascend faster.

I shall also have to work on getting my average speed higher. At this stage I think that the 20 – 25 is alright, but I would like it to be higher. I think that is the feeling I am getting from the group rides… I think there is another one of those tomorrow…

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