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Frodo's Ghost | He is the ‘they’ in ‘thats what they say’…
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He is the ‘they’ in ‘thats what they say’…

So I am feeling like my blogging abilities are failing me. My extraordinary ability to waffle crap is being left for dead by, what I would call, my blogging inspiration. Hooley has blitzed in the last week with three entries. THREE! I fail, and I can’t even say that I told him to blog, it was his own decision to start…

Check out his blog. Once you read, you’ll delete all your previous RSS feeds, and live off Hooley. One feed for a thirsty Generation.

Ice Cream

I too, in my old age, am finding the lure of the sensible vanilla ice-cream. It doesn’t stop there, milkshakes, thickshakes, candy anything really. Anything available in vanilla I tend to lean to.

In my early days I was more of a chocolate guy, shrinking back from strawberry like it would rob me of my manhood. So chocolate was the manly ice-cream selection. Although, to be truthful, I also did enjoy English Toffee – maybe to indulge the more male side (if you know what I mean. I sure don’t)…

Now-a-days I don’t really have much of a choice. Around this house lots of fancy sweets get made in an instant – not that the house is quite made from candy, but man that would rock – and because of this most of the time we just have vanilla. It goes with anything.

But I just don’t eat ice-cream out. Money is not in abundance, and that definitely influences the purchase of a sweet such as ice-cream. Especially in a great big waffle cone… mmmmm. waffle.

But I am not complaining. Sweets in general are not lacking in any way. For example today I was in Aldi getting some chips, and I grabbed a large bag of German Cookies. Glazed Lebkuchen. And right here and now, I think I’ll say that any German biscuit is a winner. Sometimes its funny to think of what the world would have been like if there German’s had won World War 2.

  1. There’d be no racism, because there would be one race.
  2. There would be houses made of candy. Don’t you think that Hansel and Gretel was based on a real story?
  3. There would be German biscuits everywhere.

Maybe Aldi can fix that.

Oh and before you go plastering me as a Skinhead. I am in noway affiliated with the Nazi regime. I was merely expounding those points for the comical example of how good German Biscuits are.

So yes. Prime deserts in no particular order are Tarts of Neen (or Neenish Tarts) and German biscuits of any variety. With a good scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream.

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