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Frodo's Ghost | Fixing Quarantined Files on OSX
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Fixing Quarantined Files on OSX

I downloaded a new framework file, copied into my working directory and setup the site in hosts and vhosts, but it was still returning a 403 error with no permission to access the specified directory.

Running a

ls -al

on the directory showed an ‘@’ symbol at the end of the permissions settings on each file. A bit of searching indicated that this could be the operating system placing a quarantine on downloaded files.

When you download a file from the internet and then run the code it displays an alert window before letting you run it. You have seen the window:

To check if your files suffer from this quarantine, while on the Terminal run:

xattr -l

This will display the

extended attributes

of the file. In that list there should be the quarantine code followed by some information:

To remove the attribute run:

xattr -d _your_file_name

I am unsure if this was the permissions issue I was having with my local development, but I updated my files by running this on the folder and it started working.

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