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Frodo's Ghost | Facilitating Technological Growth and Industrial Design
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Facilitating Technological Growth and Industrial Design

I learned last week that the Apple ][+ was released with “schematics for the circuit boards” and that it “birthed a generation of hardware and software hackers who upended the world for the better” Cory Doctrow. How far they have fallen. I remember the uproar when the Mac Mini was released and it was stated that opening the case made the warranty void. The same is said for the iPhone. I cannot even change the battery in my MacBook Pro, this needs to be done with Certified Engineers.

It made me think of James May complaining about the Lego and Meccano kits being engineered for one item. In the past it was open scale build, there were many instructions in a packet of Meccano and one box of lego was open for you to build. Over time we cater to an audience that wants to buy something that is simple and can look awesome very quickly.

The greatest thing about our Lego for our boys is that it has ended up all together, the models that were once built from the kits have fallen into the collective random parts of our lego collection and all bits are now fodder for any model.

Obscure thinkings, but there is a point to it. In the past companies have let us use their products for what ever we could make or extract from them. Those who were willing to push the boundaries could and marvelous technological inventions have followed.

Nice Design, Subtle Downward Trend

Through nice Industrial Design Apple taken down all the warning signs and allowed them to grab a huge foothold in the personal computing market. If other companies follow in their path we can only fear what will come of those who come after us.

Through nice industrial design, excellent packing with a great eye for detail and witty marketing campaigns Apple have torn down any kind of resentment we may like to hold against them. They released the iPad to nothing more than hype to sell it :: As if there weren’t enough adjectives in the ad :: and it is taken with many people calling it a success before it is even released.

With their global market, and many many people who desire their products they have the right to choose what we program with, how we use what we have purchased and what is available to us. In all they are engineering a world that becomes dependent on their technologies. Yes it is what every big company wants, but there are anti-competitive laws against things like this.

Reminds me of:

When Microsoft released Windows 7 they release special E versions for Europe that did not have Internet Explorer installed :: Working to Fulfill our Legal Obligations in Europe for Windows 7. This was ruled Anti-Competitive in Europe, and Safari still comes pre-installed on OS X.


Yes this follows on what seems to be an Anti-Apple rant of late. I cannot seem to make my thoughts at peace when thinking of Apple. I like the design of their products but it seems to be the most deceiving part of their products. Which lures you to it like the Siren Song – it has lured many a tech-geek and ‘average-joe’ a-like.

I have not participated in open source development (although I use open source languages for work all the time) and sure big corporations have been limiting us for years and years. But maybe this seems more malicious because they are talking big on being open when everything is closed up.

There is no freedom in their little world with their amazing products. Lock down and controlled for their own purposes. And I fear where the limits will get us. Sure, we’ll all be more Apple in style, but is that such a good price to pay for being limited in our outcomes.

Surely we won’t all fall prey to the Woman in a Red Dress?

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