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Frodo's Ghost | Exchange Chaos for Freedom.
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Exchange Chaos for Freedom.

How to progress when everything seems so wrong? Do you just move forward, or do you stand still? If every movement seems to be like death, then how can you move?

Will I ever be free again to do as I would like? Or do I remain chained to do the will of these feelings.

Help me separate commas from full stops. Help me mold this creativity into something that works instead of becoming stuck in endless amounts of mud. Help me wave the flag of freedom and not feel like my hand is being help up.

For in the end we all shall die, but is not about the remaining legacy, it is about what we have done with our lives. Weather a legacy is left or not, you have to make foot prints somewhere. They just have to be the right ones.

Chaos encircles us all, but the greater circles are those of a creator. Always within His hand, but sometimes we aren’t. And then all that shall be is nothing but the end.

The end.

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    This is simply a comment to say that I was waffling.

    June 20, 2007 at 3:50 am

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