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Frodo's Ghost | DOIT09 – Weigh In
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DOIT09 – Weigh In

The time has arrived. I have been putting this off for a while, writing this post was not something I wanted to do. Well, not right now. The plan had been to get into DOIT09 and I was, but writing this post was just too time consuming to get started.

Then @djp72 called me out – here. So I’m sounding off.

The Story

I already had the epiphany a while ago. When we came back from Vanuatu I had been running quite a bit over there, and when I got back here, I was unsure what it was, but I got shin-spints when I was running. I was talking to my brother about it, and he said that it was because I was too fat. Of course I was.

He also suggested I should start riding. So I grabbed my wife’s bike and started riding. And I loved it. It was a mountain bike, and I started riding longer and longer on it. It was too small, and I carried a bag with a 4 litre water bottle in the back. But I loved it.

So before this gets into a big huge rant/rave on bikes and cycling. I was working in comics for 8 months (November 07 – July 08) which severly cut back on my riding time. Thus offsetting my big weight loss plans. But since then it has been my excuses for not riding.

First RideFirst Bike (still current bike, got some really wierd looks at Amy’s Ride this year)

DO IT 09

So why am I here? It is a new start. August 2007 I was 124kg. Since then I have lost 15.3kg in 5871.1km. But it is time for a fresh slate and a real start, with some real objectives. For eighteen months I have been thinking how well I have gone, and how well I am doing weight wise compared to what I was.

So I weighed in on Saturday at 108.7kg. I haven’t measured my waist, or my bust, or taken photos. But I have my weight and I think according to the BMI it put me borderline obese/overweight.

I am not sure how much I’ll update the blog, I will be updating mycyclinglog about once a week with updated cycling stuff, as I guess that is where most of the trackable hard work will be done.

The Goal

So I have a few goals. The Saturday of the 17th May is the first target – my sister is getting married. I’d like to be somewhere in the low 90’s then. Based on previous performance this may not be a serious target to make, but hey, aim for the moon.

The second is the end of the year. The target then, if following on from the May weight, would be low eighties. But that could change depending on how things are going till May. I do know that the BMI equals normal at 82kg and that is the goal or aim for the year. Be bold, James. Be bold.

The Plan

So on a few fronts there are different things to focus on. I think the first is food intake (interesting because my job involves my butt on a chair for sustained periods, and it is easy to snack). And then next is what I drink (increase water. less tea). And of course get some planned time on the bike (I am happier when I ride more). As I play with these things, and my weight changes I’ll get back to you – let you know what works and what doesn’t.

I guess that is it. I haven’t planned a lot out at this stage, the idea of DOIT09 is still fresh with me. I guess this post is me getting off the fence, and setting some serious goals. Hopefully next time I post, there will be less of me.

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  • i’ll be keeping up with your biking exploits. the weather is breaking here, and i’ve told myself i wanted to get into cycling. i haven’t done it since i was a wee kid! i enjoyed it way back then; i have to probably find some fun in it now 🙂


    February 23, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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