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Frodo's Ghost | Change the Present
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Change the Present

This post was taken from my alternative online place – called The Corporator. A blog with only one post, because I was too lazy to keep posting there. So here is the one and only post from that site…

It strikes me as a little funny, in todays day and ages that people are trying the same things over and over again. Why cannot we change the present to catch up with the future? Why can’t we play with what we know, to re-invent how things happen?

It applies to many things I know. I was having a coffee with a friend, and we were talking about the band he is in. They have just signed to a record label, and while that was great 10+ years ago, not it is old stuff… Like that kid who was cool in school, but turned into a drunk afterwards – and now everyone avoids him.

What we really need to do is pave our own way forward. The internet has opened that up for us, no longer do we need expencive packaging to get our thoughts and art out there. Firstly, take this post for example, 15 years ago I would have one awfully hard time getting this out there, but no I just open up an account and start typing.

No longer do we need CD’s produced by some huge label to be in a famous band. Or a publishing company to release comics. We just need a drive to get our art out there – good or bad, and it has the potential to be seen. The potential to be devoured. And the potential to be enjoyed by an audience we never thought of reaching…

Its not about abandoning the old ways, more it is embracing the new, and seeing what happens in the end. Its about experimentation, and watching the new happen.

Oh, and one more thing. Having all these new things, means more spins on the old – can I say stale? – things we have come to expect from the old ways. Cd’s can be works of art, hidden in a game. Books can be easy to download. Comics can be updated frequently – so as to keep interest, and attract new viewers.

The future is up to our imagination. What shall we do with it?

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    November 9, 2008 at 11:11 am

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