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Frodo's Ghost | Bridging Legacy Session Storage with Silex and PHP
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Bridging Legacy Session Storage with Silex and PHP

A legacy application in PHP. It is a monster. It has the php looping inside database until all the data has loaded. No primary keys on the tables. It is scary. It is going slow, and there is no other way than to continue building.

Over time we will make it stable. God willing. But until then there will be a lot of bringing in outside components to make it stable. Silex has been helpful for that, a framework that is small, light and allows us to expand step by step.

Getting Between the Base Session and Silex Session Provider was an issue we had. The problem being that the system was saving data into the $_SESSION variable – like in the olden days. After working with Symfony for so long, and having HttpFoundation extend the base $_POST, $_GET and $_SESSION variables, it was strange to see them occur in code.

You never know what you will inherit.

Bridging the gap will be important for future changes, and here is how we had done it.

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