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Frodo's Ghost | Blindside – Corner Hotel, 13th April 2007
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Blindside – Corner Hotel, 13th April 2007

So I don’t know how I shall go reviewing one of the best shows I have ever seen.

I guess I’ll start by saying the first bands impressed me. Armageddon Sky were the best I have ever seen, I love the way they have expanded their line up, and their songs were tight. This is helped by the fact that I was a No Plan B fan in their day, so I know where they came from.

Sleight of Hand were not too bad. I would say not my style, because I rarely give out harsh reviews on bands. And leave it at that.

It has been ages since I have been treated to an Antiskeptic show, and this one did not dissapoint. They met the audience at the level we were at, and lifted it up. Their songs were performed flawlessly, and sounded unreal. Uncle Josh was even impressed, and I think that shows the difference between recorded Antiskeptic and Live Antiskeptic. Their enegery and stage performance was unreal.

Then the band that I went to see. Blindside. A swedish band that I have been a fan of ever since PJ leant me A Thought Crushed my Mind, but was made an even bigger fan when I made the purchase of Silence. I doubt I will ever regret buying that CD.

I have wanted to see these guys live for years and years. The passion on the CD is always intense, so I imagined their live show to be not much different. Well, it was more than that. Now when I play songs that they played live, the CD reminds me of standing on the sticky floor, looking up at them on stage, bringing music that speaks something new to me everytime I hear it. Their live show makes the CD come alive again, and that is saying something, considering how much I have heard their CD’s.

I know I come across as a big fan boy, but I don’t think I could review the show any other way. It was more than a solid performance, it was a show that I will remember as an experience, something that I don’t want to forget. Something life changing. Something of releasing a spark. It was that good.

Stand out songs include:

  • My Alibi
  • When I Remember
  • Fell in Love With the Game
  • About a Burning Fire
  • Caught a Glimpse

The set was well run through, and sounded great. Like I already said I thought this has been the greatest live show I have ever seen. Thanks to you Blindside.

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