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Frodo's Ghost | Bike Riding and Injuries
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Bike Riding and Injuries

So I fell off my bike. And it wasn’t an easy fall either. It knocked my unconscious for a few minutes, while my boys watched helplessly. It had me walk home, and kept me concussed for about an hour and a half. It broke the back of my nasal cavity, meaning I may or may not have to have surgery.

Puzzle with a Piece Missing

And yet, right now I feel fine. You can read about what I remember on the cycling page: Echoes of the Past Elude Me.

Since then I have visited the hospital, the doctors had me booked in for a CT scan, he said they needed a 3d shot of my head to see what was wrong. Basically I had fallen and broken the back of my nasal cavity, letting air flow in behind the muscles and get caught behind there. Not good.

So at this stage, besides the anti-biotics of which there are a few, I am booked in on Wednesday to go and visit the Surgeons clinic and they’ll have a look at me, the scans and my face and make a descision on which way to go, either operate to put some bones into place, or leave it be. I’m unsure which direction it will take.

Nice Sideburn

Besides missing a whole day, having a might headache, missing an afternoon in the waiting room yesterday – well, everything seems to be dandy. Which is cool – I even think the lack of eating will have a nice track in DOIT09 – we’ll see about that one.
  • Ouch… Ouch ouch ouch…

    And to think I was planning on riding to the shop without a helmet the other day.

    Comisserations on the accident. I read the ‘echoes of the past’ blog. Your boys are legends for looking after you 🙂

    March 4, 2009 at 12:36 pm
  • On a side note: I should say that it is having zero effect in the good way for #DOIT09 – it is bad.

    Maybe its because I feel sorry for myself.

    March 6, 2009 at 12:02 pm

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