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Frodo's Ghost | All it takes is one good show…
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All it takes is one good show…

So we played. Brown Jumper’s first live show.

The setting was fantastic, the crowd was favourable and the set we played went off without a hitch – besides a broken string into the first song.

I don’t know how to review a live show, whilst actually playing. From my point of view it was fun to be in a live situation for the first time in a very long time. The songs we played sounded good from where I was sitting. Even after the drum machine was reset forty-five minutes before we started – I had to reprogram it – it all was good.

Thanks to John for the drum kit, and for coming for a drive to watch. And also to Marcus for coming for the drive.

I don’t have any photos or videos. If I do grab something I shall post it up.

Of course the others who played were good. Sophia played some nice keyboards and singing stuff. That sounded nice.

A mention goes out to Canery. Well, more than a mention, they were amazing. Atmospheric music, that was so intense. Matt’s voice was amazing, the music was beautiful and it created this atmosphere that seemed to have everyone captivated.

Two guitars, a double bass, a violin, and a dude playing beats with his voice. I was expecting something more wacky, but it worked so well.

All in all. I would play there again, even though it means working around the sound restrictions. Was ace fun.

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