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Frodo's Ghost | The Thoughts of an Unsuccessful Entrepreneur
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Reformation of An Industry

I have been thinking quiet a bit about my last post - titled The Death on an Industry. I have been thinking of doing a new one and have hit many brick walls - usually when that happens it means i am meant to write...

CD Packaging. The death of an industry.

For a few years now many people have been touting the death of CD packaging. It is either the ultimate in sales words – Apple and their music store, or is from the mouth of music CEO‘s, who don’t know how to stay in business.

For those same years I have been hanging onto the thread of light that it was not true. I believed in my heart that the end of the CD, handheld packaging and getting a physical item would outway that of a digital download. I do believe in this economical based world, that this is declining…

He is the ‘they’ in ‘thats what they say’…

So I am feeling like my blogging abilities are failing me. My extraordinary ability to waffle crap is being left for dead by, what I would call, my blogging inspiration. Hooley has blitzed in the last week with three entries. THREE! I fail, and I can’t even say that I told him to blog, it was his own decision to start…

Check out his blog. Once you read, you’ll delete all your previous RSS feeds, and live off Hooley. One feed for a thirsty Generation.

The Showdown – Back Breaker

If a CD can get me giggling on the first listen it is usually in for some serious spinning. In fact this is usually a great indicator as to how much I will listen to it. If I smile and it gets me hooked, then I’m good. Back Breaker – from The Showdown – did just that… It made me smile.