Following the Footsteps of Heros, Never Lead to the Straight and Grey Roads.

​A developer. PHP and javascript. I like Symfony2 and MooTools.

​Husband. 5 sons. 1 daughter. Like the though of travel, even though it doesn't happen much.


I have been juggling a few different tasks lately. Working on some websites, learning Symfony2 better, understanding unit testing, writing scoping documents - busy times.

One thing I have been enjoying on the side has been watching a good friend work on his comics. Thingsesque has grown a lot lately, and it has been fantastic to watch as more comics are added.

I have been helping with the line-art flatting, as a look back to when I was flatting comics many moons ago. I still enjoy it and pestering @thingsesque with requests for more art work. I have some of his Christmas cards too, for the festive season.


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