Following the Footsteps of Heros, Never Lead to the Straight and Grey Roads.

​A developer. PHP and javascript. I like Symfony2 and MooTools.

​Husband. 5 sons. 1 daughter. Like the though of travel, even though it doesn't happen much.


Frodosghost is the online home of James Rickard. I am a web developer.

I am a web developer, who spends a lot of time staring at my IDE figuring out the little things, which collectively make big things. I have previously worked in startups, and in an agency, but find myself in a small business which I started before my first daughter was born.

Beside that I love to ride bikes and to hang out with my family. I am a father to five boys and one daughter, the latest edition was in August 2012. My wife and myself are very blessed to have such amazing children.

Frodosghost was created as a gamer tag in 2006 that seemed to stick for an online presence. I still have the xBox gamerTag, but no 360, so I don’t game. That doesn’t really bother me. I work quite a lot.

When you visit this particular online presence you may wonder what to expect, and I agree. I am unsure what is coming out of here most times, and so it would be the best digital representation of myself – because I am unsure what will happen here. But I like to talk and ask questions – I do like to find answers from what people are thinking and what they already know – so having you stick around could be rather fun.