Following the Footsteps of Heros, Never Lead to the Straight and Grey Roads.

​A developer. PHP and javascript. I like Symfony2 and MooTools.

​Husband. 5 sons. 1 daughter. Like the though of travel, even though it doesn't happen much.

Being this Turkey is not being a Developer

They seek solace in the discussions with fellow developers who are in the same position, talking about their terrible colleagues and the mess that keeps befalling them.

The Road to Failure is Feature-Filled

From my experience in the beginning a Startup is a nice ship leaving a harbour on the maiden voyage; soon there is an iceberg, few life rafts and a never-ending visage marked in the past with wasted hours that drift upon the sea as driftwood.



A post on twitter encouraged me to write a little more than 140 characters on the topic of Private vs Public properties and methods with code.


Apple quarantine on local files appeared to be returning a 403 error when browsing the site.